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Two-minute Book Recommends

I'm seriously considering making it a requirement for everyone living in my house to read The Glass Castle. If you have not read this book - you should (even if you don't plan on moving in)! It will make you appreciate your parents, your home, your children and every other child on this planet, your sanity, and any person that has taken care of you in your life. A fabulous read.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane, has fantastic characters and world building. A short story gone rogue, it is a page turner that will stick with you. Short and a quick read. A fantastical story where the scariest part is not the mind-blowing monsters Gaiman is able to so easily create - but the most realistic monster that can sprout close to home. Written mostly from a young child's point of view (in reflection as a middle-aged man) you can't help but root for the protagonist.

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