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My rejection letters have been fabulous, lately.

Dear Contributor (Okay, I'd like for them to have inserted my name, but they're talking to me, so I'll take it)

Thank you for your recent contribution to JOURNAL. While we enjoyed reading it, the piece does not meet our current publishing needs.

However (Big however), we enjoyed this piece and your writing voice (yippee!) and would welcome submissions from you in the future (I'm wondering how long I should wait? Not the same length of time as a form rejection when you usually wait till another reading period for the Journal...or never).


JOURNAL (Again, would have like personalized editor name, but, I'll take it.)

So, these last two rejections have been positive. Both journals want me to resubmit, which is awesome. The dilemma now is what piece to send them? This journal got a story and the last journal I sent a few poems. It's a good dilemma to have, but a dilemma nonetheless!

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