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Kim's writing can be found in various literary journals and an award-winning collection, The Strangeness of Men. She is the founder of Liberal Women of Chesterfield County & Beyond, a grassroots political justice organization. She advocates for awareness of PANS - Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome. Kim has triple negative metastatic breast cancer. Her journey has been featured in numerous publications and broadcasts, including with Bill Weir on CNN, The Washington Post, and international media. She has a background in advertising and a degree from the University of North Carolina in Journalism. She is married with three children.

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The Strangeness of Men 

The Strangeness of Men is a witty collection of short stories, flash fiction, and prose poetry. A naked sleepwalker, Wonder Woman wrangled by a housewife, a 1913 murder, sex lessons at church nacho night, the mythic Andromeda in an assisted living facility, a Zambian youth besieged by bullies, and a guy in a dog suit—are just a few of these thirty-eight quirky tales that will keep you thinking long after you put down the book. Buy through Amazon and most retailers - print and ebook.






Independent Publisher Book Awards 2016 Silver Medalist. 


USA Best Book Awards 2015 Award-Winning Finalist for short story collection.



Praise for The Strangeness of Men:


“Relationships are tricky, whether it’s men and women, fathers and daughters, siblings, or a disabled lady and the gentleman who sleepswims naked in her pool. Kim Drew Wright fearlessly explores the spectrum of human dynamics. With humor and compassion she introduces us to all kinds of characters: the Jesus with great pot, the arthritic dog who forges an unlikely friendship between a widow and a prickly neighbor, the controlling husband who lies to his wife about a letter. Brimming with finesse The Strangeness of Men is a treasure chest stuffed with literary goodies. Open it up and look inside!” – Boston Literary Magazine


“These stories and poems are filled with those small significant moments in life where we try to snatch triumph from calamity. Kim Drew Wright is insightful and her characters are as real as the couple next door, your colleagues, your friends. Fun and sassy, sometimes sad, always heartfelt, this diverse collection is an excellent read.” – Jennifer Falkner, Circa Journal


“Sweet and simple at times, experimental and edgy at others, this short and eclectic collection is imbued with a sense of longing that transcends gender and cuts straight to the heart of the human condition.” – Bill Glose, author of Half a Man and The Human Touch



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